Oct 8, 2010
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Boston, 1773
Man: So it is agreed. We are to destroy the tea in protest of Britain's taxation without representation. 
Man #2: AND in protest of Boston's LOCAL taxes!!
Man: Huh? No, we colonists DO have representation on that issue!
Mrs. Watkins: Why should orphans and the deformed get support from the government? 
Man: Mrs. Watkins, you are a widow who receives support!
Mrs. Watkins: That's not the point! 
Man: Ahem! Aren't the laws against polluting the streets another form of government tyranny? 
Man: Hear, hear! The Tanners' Association would like to make a DONATION to this Tea Party!
Man #2: And the butchers!
Man: I'm from Ye Olde FOX News-papers! Let's dump the tea at noon on Saturday! We'll get a HUGE CROWD to show up!
Man: No! It's TONIGHT!
Man #2: You can't plan a spontaneous movement without the funding of big business and Fox!
Man: And what about all those Irish immigrants? 
Man #2: I just love what our colony used to be SO MUCH! 
Man #3: Stop! Our plan is to dress up as mohawks...
Man #4: Oo! And Nazis! Can I be a Nazi? 
Man #5: What's a Nazi. 
Woman: By the way...I'm not a witch. 
Man #6: And we'll call it the Fox News-Paper Tea Party...
Oct 22, 2010
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