Sep 24, 2010
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Wally Gimmel's Billy Dare
Boy Adventurer with Quentin
Ch. VILX: "Overtones of Subtext!"
Billy: Give it up, Dr. Steiglitz! I've got your covered! 
Dr. Steiglitz: Of course you do! Look who your creator is! 
Billy: Huh? 
Billy: My creator? The late cartoonist Wally Gimmel? What about him? 
Dr. Steiglitz: Come on! Affiliations with racist organizations! His public stand against U.S. involvement in World War II! 
Billy: Well, what do his views have to do with ME, a beloved comic strip character? 
Dr. Steiglitz: You think his views didn't filter into this comic? You're a blond boy, obviously of Northern European descent. 
Dr. Steiglitz: I'm dark, vaguely ethnic, with an exotic last name, so I must be the villain! 
An old, decrepit villain. 
Dr. Steiglitz: So even a juvenile member of the "superior" race can defeat me! 
Dr. Steiglitz: Look at how my nose is drawn! It's not even subtle! 
Billy: No! You can't conflate the private views of an artist with the art itself. 
Billy: Wha...? He slipped away! TYPICAL SNEAKY, SWARTHY CENSORED!
We re-present 1939's classic "Billy Dare On The Dark, Black, Scary Continent"!
Oct 8, 2010
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