Dec 26, 2009
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Bear: You know, I'm sick of living here in NATURE. Let's chuck it all and go live in a human city. 
Bear #2: Yes! I Love the pristinely man-made environment!
Bear: Of course, we must reshape the area to suit our needs. 
Food World
Bear #2: This thing is ruining our view. 
Bear #2: We'll need plenty of room here for hunting and foraging. 
Bear: We also have to kill all the humans who live nearby. It's dangerous to live too close to humans. 
Bear #2: The population needs thinning anyway. 
Bear: There. Doesn't living here show how much we love humans and their habitat! 
Bear #2: Hey, we should get our friends to move here!
Jan 9, 2010
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