Jan 31, 2009
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Lucky Ducky 
The Poor Little Duck Who's Rich In Luck
in "Adventures In Finance"
Hound: Of COURSE you can afford this motrgage! The first month's payment is $1.98!
Lucky Ducky: Okay, I'll sign. 
Lucky Ducky: What happens after the first month? 
Hound: GOTTA GO! 
Hound: Put this mortgage in an asset-backed security!
Aid: It's now rated AAA!
Aid #2: Here's your fee! 
Hound: Now use THAT security in a C.D.O.! 
Hound #2: Here's your fee! 
Hound: Now rite a C.D.S. on the C.D.O.! 
Hound #3: I'm betting it will default!
Hound #2: I'll TAKE that bet!
Hound: I'LL take it and put it in ANOTHER instrument!
Hound #3: It's rated AAA!
Hound #4: Here's your fee!
Lucky Ducky: Um...
Hound: You wanna buy a C.S.O.D.? It's AAA!
Hound #2: Here's your fee! 
Lucky Ducky: Excuse me. I can't make my mortgage payment. 
Lucky Ducky: I can still get my spot under the bridge for the night. Need a place to stay? 
Feb 14, 2009
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