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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Nov 1, 2008
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Tom the Dancing Bug's Super-Fun-Pak Comix
Edited by Ruben Bolling
Science Facts For the Judgmental
The worst animal is the spectacled bear. It's ridiculous how dumb and boring they are. Seriously. 
I Am My Own Harshest Critic
Man: ...so I said, "Not with that attitude!"
Man: A meandering, self-serving anecdote, delivered without nuance. 
No stars, a big thumbs down. 
Our Funny Depression
Man: Hey, this is good shoe leather!
Boy: Pass the salt? 
Woman: We can't afford SALT! 
Man: Now finish up, or no wallpaper glue for dessert! 
Hilarious Only To Six-Year-Olds
Man #1: Sir, did you know you're wearing underpants on your head? 
Man #2: Yes, fartface. And that isn't lemonade. It's pee-pee. 
Bob Costas vs. Mannix
Boy: It's Bob Costas vs. Mannix! 
Boy #2: Wha...? How can...HUH?! 
Boy: I have no idea. 
Comics For People Who Have Fallen Off A Cliff
Baby: Well, we'll be quick -- we know you have very little time. 
Doug: Yes, unless the cliff you're falling from is taller than 500 feet, you have less than 5.6 seconds to read this. 
Baby: And our research indicates hat 99.8% of cliffs are 500 feet or less. 
Doug: Right-o. 
Baby: SO! Given your circumstances, here's a joke we think you'll appreciate. 
Baby: AHEM
My uncle loves pancakes...
Doug: Um...never mind.
Nov 15, 2008
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