Aug 2, 2008
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
The Adventures of Brain In A Beaker
"Shaking Things Up"
Man: So I said, "About as well as the restructuring project..."
Man #2: Hey, do you feel that? 
Man: It's an EARTHQUAKE!!
Meanwhile -- 
Man #1: Hey! Careful! Don't SHAKE that!
Man #2: Sorry -- I was just getting the Arts section. 
Man #1: Okay, but GENTLE! It's very delicate!
Man #2: What is it anyway? 
Man #1: It's my brain in a beaker. 
Man #2: Your what in a what? 
Man #1: A disembodied brain, stimulated by a computer to believe it's a functioning person, in a virtual reality. 
Man #2: So, it THINKS it's walking around in a real world? 
Man #1: Yeah, exactly. 
Man #1: That blows my mind, dude. It could never know that everything it sees and does is an illusion. 
Man #1: I kno...HEY! Did things just get darker? 
Man #2: Weird! Sort of...yellower! 
Man #2: Maybe it's a brownout...
Man #1: Strange...I suddenly want to go for a walk! Come on! 
Let's GO! 
Meanwhile - 
God-Man: Aw, darn! My Red Bull spilled into my brain in a beaker!
Aug 16, 2008
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