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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Mar 29, 2008
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
How America Was Destroyed
If Only We Had Seen The Warning Signs
1961 - A baby is born in Hawaii.
Man #1: We RADICAL MUSLIMS will raise this child to become PRESIDENT! 
Man #2: And then he will do our bidding!
Man #1: We'll give him a typical American name. BARACK OBAMA! 
Man #3: Perfect! Code-name: HUSSEIN! 
Man #2: No, we'll make that his MIDDLE name -- who would ever notice?!
Man: Young Barack, you must pretend to be a Christian! 
Barack: For how long must I practice that abomination? 
Man: Your whole life! Now go to church!
Barack: Can I at least go to a church that hates whitey? 
Man #1: Finally, after a life of "public service," you are ready. 
Man #2: We will give your campaign millions, and flood your rallies!
Barack But Americans will then surely see...
Man: Ah, we will disguise ourselves as young, white idealists!
Thus did America's enemies take over our precious shores!
John: President Nguyen, "Operation Manchuria" failed! I am coming home!
Hillary: Commander XRLG, we'll try "Operation Earth Invasion" again in 2012! "Bill" droid malfunctioning! Send replacement! 
And yet, in a surprise twist, we were doomed anyway!
Apr 12, 2008
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