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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Oct 20, 2007
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Woman: Oh my god! I know this guy you HAVE to meet! He's so cute!
Man: Young lady, I am NOT homosexual! 
Woman: Oh! I'm so sorry! ...I assumed...
Woman: But you have to admit...that's a very gay vibe you're sending out!
Forget effeminate gestures, leather chaps, or Barbra Streisand albums. These are outdated traits of the gay stereotype. With the parade of political and religious leaders being caught seeking gay sex, there is a....NEW GAY STEREOTYPE
- Middle-aged
- Married
- Conservative
- "Family values"
Nate: ...it's another example of the homosexual agenda...
Man: Listen to HER!
Nate: I'm just saying we can't afford to lose in Iraq!
Man: Hey, are you cruising me?!
Nate: WHAT? This is my wife!
Man: Exactly! 
Nate: And the finishing touch -- an American flag lapel pin! 
Man: Uh...no offense...I went along with the suit...but that would make me look totally gay! 
Queer Eye For the Straight Guy
Nate: Look, homosexuality is a sin -- it says so right in the Bible!
Man: OK, I am so breaking up with you! You are TOO GAY!
Nov 3, 2007
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