Aug 12, 2006
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god-man the superhero with omnipotent powers! this week "waiting for god-man"
above the city streets, victory lad and the green star continue their battle!
green star: i shall defeat you, evil one!
victory lad: evil?! i fight for justice and good!
green star: arrgh! your lies are futile! i've already used my god-signal! god-man will rush to help me now!
zee zee z
victory lad: ha! i've used my god-signal! he'll soon streak across the sky to fight by my side!
green star: uhn... he'll...
victory lad: no... ...any second... urk... oof...
green star: he's...
at the god-hideout...
god-man: if those god-signals don't quiet down, i'm gonna disconnect them! i can barely hear dr. phil!
bzzt bzzt bzzt bzzt bzzt bzzt bzzt
Aug 26, 2006
Small u 201701251612

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