Jan 14, 2006
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Tom the Dancing Bug's Super-Fun-Pak Comix
Edited by Ruben Bolling

Office Follies
Boss: Wilson! My office! NOW!
Boss: Great job, Wilson! You increased productivity 24% this year!
Oprah's Classix Comix
Not a substitute for reading the text or for studio discussion of the text
A Million Little Pieces
That night I injected heroin, crack and horse tranquilizers into my eyeball. 
Boy #1: Want a Yoo-Hoo? 
Boy #2: OK. 
Blood and vomit spewed as I fought dozens of cops in a peyote-fueled fury. 
Policeman: Top o' the mornin', lad. 
Man: Hi! 
I gnawed Oprah's head off and held it up to the shrieking studio audience. 
Oprah: Your book is so TRUE!
Man: Thanks. 
Lion King 1 1/4
Timon: You did it! You defeated Scar and took over the pride!
Timon: What will you do first? 
Simba: What any lion would do. 
Simba: ...kill all the cubs to accelerate the females' reproductive readiness. 
Strange Yet Untrue, And Certainly Libelous
John Zachry, of Mission Viejo, Calif., is a bank manager with a wife and two children...
...yet five years ago he knocked over a Seven-Eleven to fund a trip to Cabo with his mistress. 
I'm Sleeping With Your Wife's On First
Man: What's the name of the fella on first? 
Man #2: "I'm Sleeping With Your Wife."
Man: What?! I'll kill you!
Man #2: No, he's playing third. 
What?! I'll Kill You: What's going on here? 
Man: Where did you meet her? Tell me!
Man #2: Urk. SHORTSTOP.
Dinkle, The Unlovable Loser
Dinkle: I welcome the sweet bliss of oblivion. 
Sorry, Dinkle! 
Each of your appearances in this comic strip generates thousands of e-mails asking for more! 
We can't let you die. 
Dinkle: ? 
Dinkle: Sigh
Jan 28, 2006
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