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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Dec 3, 2005
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a force for good since 13876897174 B.C.
"intelligent design to the rescue"
--or "hey, are those designer genes?"--
billions of years ago! a eubacterium struggles to get near a chemical nutrient! but it has no means of propulsion! is the bacterium doomed to extinction? who can save it? god-man is monitoring the formation of planet lqs#v's 12th moon, when--
god-man: hold! a bacterium's cry for help!
he first rushes to his secret god-headquarters for some quick pointers...
god-man: hmm...
intelligent design for dummies
then he streaks to earth where he exerts his omnipotence power! and the microorganism is suddenly endowed with an irreducibly complex flagellum! god-man has saved the day! the end
epilogue - present day:
man: *urk* I don't feel so good...!
god-man: another e. coli infection on earth! ...maybe that flagellum design wasn't so intelligent!
Dec 17, 2005
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