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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Jun 14, 2003
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God-Man The Superhero with Omnipotent Powers!
This week Real Estate of the Righteous
God-Man's young supporters are at it again!
Guy 1: We're the only real God-Man outfit!
Guy 2: Yer nuts! God-Man knows we're his biggest fans!
God-Man: For once and for all, I stand for peace! I demand that you stop fighting! DO you understand?!
Guy 3: Y-Yes!
Guy 4: We'll stop fighting over whose club is better!
And in a flash, God-Man disappears!
Guy 5: A powerful message of peace from God-Man!
Guy 6: And he gave it from this very spot!
Guy 7:...Which is now the most holy place for the God-Man fan club!
Guy 8: Sez you! It's ours!
Guy 9: Yeah, scram! You're standing on the most sacred spot in all God-Man booster societydom!
Guy 10: It's go time!
Guy 11: Look! A cigarette butt! He must've dropped it!
Guy 12: Auggh! It's rightfully ours! Give it over!
For more fighting, tune in every week! Same god-time! Same god-channel!
Jun 28, 2003
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