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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Jan 18, 2003
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Superman is patrolling the city, whe hears a highpitched plea!
OoP: Help! Superman!
Superman: That cry came from this building... Who's there?
Cartoonist: Ha-ha! Welcome to my domain, Superman! My public domain! Where I am your! Master! That's because when congress's endless extensions of copyright terms are declared unconstitutional, you'll all be my -- or anyone's -- helpless playthings!
Superman: Copyright... Fading! Can't... resist unauthorized... use!
Bugs: If he can capture Superman, who can save us?!
Cartoonist: And now I'll force you all to perform "Gone With The Wind"!
Superman: Oh... Ashley...
Cartoonist: Oh no! Judge Scalia!!
Judge Scalia, Crusading Supreme Court Justice, who fights a never-ending battle to protect the powerful and wealthy
Scalia: Go! Run back to your corporations!
Cartoonist: B-But you must agree that the constitution plainly limits congress's power... Urk.
Scalia: Frankly, punk, I don't give a damn!
The End
Feb 1, 2003
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