Dec 28, 2002
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Wall Street Journal Comix Presents Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky: Gotcha!
Dog: Did you hear that Lucky Ducky DIED? 
Dog: He was so poor, so he paid a low tax rate you and I could only dream of! 
Mustached Dog: Lucky!
Mustached Dog: Say, isn't that Lucky Ducky going into that low-income housing project? 
Dog: Lucky Ducky!
Dog: Th-that's impossible! I must be seeing things!
Dog: If he died, how can he continue his lucky streak?!
Dog: What th...?
Dog: Lucky JAIL? 
...and eating a square meal on MY dime? 
Dog: HUH? Lucky Ducky taking Lucky Duckette to a state-funded abortion clinic?! 
Dog: How can he be...if he's...!
I think I'm going crazy!
Dog: Now Lucky Ducky is handicapped?! ...and getting expensive public transportation services!
Dog: Lucky Ducky EVERYWHERE! Getting every advantage! 
Dog: I've got to find out!
How does he get away with it? 
Dog: AUGH!
Lucky Ducky Crowd: GOTCHA!
Jan 11, 2003
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