The K Chronicles by Keith Knight

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  1. buffalo319

    buffalo319 GoComics PRO Member said, 5 days ago

    Time to get the wifey back for a visit home Keef, before you wake up with her sitting on your chest pointing a pistol at your face.

  2. 2old, getting younger!

    2old, getting younger! GoComics PRO Member said, 4 days ago

    Yeah, Keef, give her a couple’a bucks and tell her to go to the mall while you watch the screaming 3 year old! AT THE VERY LEAST!!!!

  3. Jkiss

    Jkiss GoComics PRO Member said, 4 days ago

    Get her a spa certificate and an entire day to herself. Every now and again, a gal needs a day to just be herself.
    My personal hell just added a new chamber. It came in the form of a mother son winter dance. We got to watch all the boys dance like the crazy children that they are and then later, I got to watch all the other moms and sons dance. Apparently I’m too embarrassing to dance with. Too many witnesses would have seen me crawl under that table. Maybe if I live long enough, I can dance with him at his wedding.
    BTW Keith, don’t let the wifey see this personal hell story.

  4. rongillmore

    rongillmore said, 2 days ago


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