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The Born Loser

By Art and Chip Sansom
Jan 21, 2012
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The Born Loser by Art & Chip Sansom
Wilberforce: I've been practicing my dribbling every chance I get!
Wilberforce: I was watching a basketball game on TV - the announcers were talking about one of the players...
Wilberforce: They said when he was a kid, his family taught him to use both hands for everything! Now, he can shoot and dribble great with either hand!
Brutus: Well, that goes to show that persistence pays off - he was rewarded with a valuable skill!
Brutus: When a person is able to use both hands equally well, it's called being ambidextrous! 
Wilberforce: Are you ambidextrous, Pop? 
Gladys: Are you kidding? Your father has enough trouble just using one hand!
Jan 23, 2012
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