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The Adventures of Business Cat

By Tom Fonder
Jul 25, 2016
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Howard: Well, look what the cat dragged in. 
Business Cat: Howard. 
Howard: I must admit I'm surprised to see you here, Business Cat. Won't losing this award tonight be a touch too humiliating for you?
Business Cat: Funny, Howard, that didn't stop you attending the last three ceremonies. 
Howard: You laugh no, Cat, but in thirty-five minutes you'll be eating those words. you'll be eating those words. Your company may have managed to land back on its feet, but I'm what the public really craves- young blood. An underdog. 
Business Cat: Talk is cheap, Howard. Why not put your money where your mouth is? Shall we say, fifty thousand to the winner? 
Howard: A bet, is it? Well in that case, let's make this interesting. Let's say...
Howard: ...the loser's company to the winner. 
Man: Wow, Howard. You'd have to think us pretty stupid to agree to something like tha-
Howard: DEAL.
Aug 8, 2016
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