Nov 23, 2000
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Campaigns of the future: Romancing the one
Man 1: Tonight we join the morse campaign as the senator courts key voter Kevin Matthews in his Delaware home. 
Man 2: I could really use a beer.
Man 3: Well see. Talk first.
Man 2: As a swing voter, you'll determine Hillside County which throws the state and ultimately the whole election one way or the other. Without you, I end up as an honorary professor at Missoula University. What can I do to get your vote?
Man 3: You can start by paving my bills, and get me a  new car. Also, it would be really cool if I could invite all my buds to the white house, get loaded on cheap beer and trash the joint! 
Man 2: Done. Hot damn! I'm 2 minutes late to Becky Jonson's house! 
Man 3: If it's raining, I don't have to go vote, right?
Man 1: Will Ms. Jackson get her dream club med vacation for her key vote? That's next!
Nov 27, 2000
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