Tall Tale Radio by Tom Racine

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Mark Anderson of Andertoons.com is here to talk about how you take your talent for cartooning and market it to the world to make a living!  His stuff has been in Forbes, Readers' Digest, The Wall Street Journal and many more.  We talk about his beginnings as a music major with serious trombone skills, how a mind-numbing job selling screws was part of the impetus to get out there as a full-time cartoonist, how his site works, and of course, our mutual love of all things LEGO.   You can also find his stuff on GoComics, of course!

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  1. Phil Judd

    Phil Judd said, almost 3 years ago

    This guy is leading the way on how to make a go of it selling via the web. Prolific and constantly creating opportunities. More power to him…

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