Mar 23, 2013
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Stone Soup by Jan Eliot
Val: Look,'s Ms. Wingit. 
Holly: WHERE?!
Val: Over in lingerie. 
Holly: MY TEACHER in the lingerie department?! I don't want to see that!!
Val: We're all GIRLS, Holly...what's the big deal? 
Alix: GASP. Is that your...TEACHER?? Buying UNDERWEAR?!
Holly: Yes. My eyeballs are burning. 
Val: Go say hi. 
Holly: Are you NUTS?! That's my TEACHER!! I don't want to know personal stuff about the fact that she buys UNDERWEAR!
Val: I suppose the last person SHE wants to see is one of her weird middle-schoolers. 
Holly: Back away slowly and we'll just FAAADE into housewares...
Mar 25, 2013
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