Stone Soup by Jan Eliot

Stone Soup

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  1. rayannina

    rayannina said, over 7 years ago

    What goes around …

  2. GrinsToYa

    GrinsToYa said, over 7 years ago

    …keeps going around

  3. ejcapulet

    ejcapulet said, over 7 years ago

    Don’t say “because I care”, Val, say “because I don’t want to mistake you for a burgler if you come back and I need a name to give to the police if you don’t.”

  4. frightenup

    frightenup said, over 7 years ago

    Hopefully without the raging hormones and irrational mood swings this time…

  5. Macushlalondra

    Macushlalondra said, over 7 years ago

    So Val, this week you ask Grandma these questions and next week you ask Holly.

  6. fbjsr

    fbjsr said, over 7 years ago

    she shouldn’t ask her mom these questions because her mom might tell her and then she would have to say “ewww, too much info”.

  7. euthuno

    euthuno said, over 7 years ago

    There’s too much estrogen in that family.

  8. sparxbyxan

    sparxbyxan said, over 7 years ago

    No chance, Lightenup. Adolescence, menopause, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

  9. Smiley R Mom

    Smiley R Mom GoComics PRO Member said, over 7 years ago

    I’ll have to remember those lines, ejcapulet, when my sons start trying to leave without volunteering the details in advance.

  10. sugie63

    sugie63 said, over 7 years ago

    I remember many many years ago when my mom went bowling on her usual night (early shift) and didn’t come home til 2AM. I was frantic not knowing where she was or what happened. She went to a bar with her friend and lost track of time. My first words were ” they didn’t have a phone?”. It was then I realized what she went through when I was growing up. She cared and so did I.

  11. Tabby Lynn

    Tabby Lynn said, over 7 years ago

    ejcapulet thank you for the laugh i love thoes lines. i will one day use them. thanks a bunch

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