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  1. cjr53

    cjr53 said, about 2 years ago


    It all depends upon your point of view. You leave me exactly with that impression when it comes to the President of the United States.

  2. TheTrustedMechanic

    TheTrustedMechanic GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 years ago


    It’s hard to tear down someone who has been shown, by his own words, to not be the person he led you to believe him to be. Paterno’s own emails show he pressured others to not pursue the allegations against Sandusky. He, by his direct efforts pursued an agenda to deliberately avoid protecting the children he tried to lead people to believe he was concerned with. Granted Paterno worked with college age kids, but where did they come from? Children.
    So how exactly is Benson tearing down Paterno? Paterno was NEVER the person he claimed to be. Paterno was NEVER the icon he appeared to be. He may not have been the perpetrator, but he was no better than Sandusky.

  3. the GhostPony

    the GhostPony GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 years ago


    There is no honor in enabling pedophiles. So while you may be ok with what Penn State has done, while you may be able to look the other way for the “sake of the game”, don’t expect many others to do likewise. There is no forgiveness for what they’ve done. Ever.

  4. Dry and Dusty

    Dry and Dusty GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 years ago


    You have got to be TOTALLY clueless. Tear the statue down, it no longer belongs on campus, I don’t care how much he helped the university, in the end, he did NOTHING except hide a pedophile for years.

  5. Justice22

    Justice22 said, about 2 years ago


    I’m afraid that you sound like people I’ve known who say that members of the Mafia are “Good Guys” because they donated to local charities, etc. Wake Up!

  6. spelvin2002

    spelvin2002 GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 years ago

    The winners get to write history. Penn State tried to Tonypandy this affair from the start, but the truth came out like a big ugly boil and finally took them down. Best that PSU can hope for is that it will be ancient history in two generations.

  7. Michael McGuire

    Michael McGuire GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 years ago

    Very Valid cartoon. Death Penalty for football program would only be justice.

  8. UsernameUsername1234

    UsernameUsername1234 said, about 2 years ago


    There is no way I would ever envy a man responsible for the rape countless innocent boys.

    Either you’re a troll or an idiot.

  9. Ruff

    Ruff GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 years ago


    The two go together, don’t they ??

  10. Dry and Dusty

    Dry and Dusty GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 years ago

    No, you fail to understand that the football team, the new coach, the new coaching staff had NOTHING to do with this! Do you want the students there on scholarships playing football to suffer for NOTHING THEY DID? Do you want Bill O’Brian to suffer for taking on a MONUMENTAL task of which, I stated before, he had NO IDEA how monumental it would be! Fire those WHO DID THE DAMAGE, WHO HID IT FROM THE PUBLIC, GET RID OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES AND ALL THE HIERARCHY but don’t punish the students, and all the other average day working people involved with the program, the stadium, etc. who will lose their livelihood. Why should more people suffer because of Jerry Sandusky and his minions? They have already destroyed innocent lives. Why not add some more, on a MUCH LESSER SCALE of damage, but damage none the less, to his count.

  11. Litho stone

    Litho stone said, about 2 years ago



  12. glenbeck

    glenbeck said, about 2 years ago


    You do not understand what it is like to be raped or Molested. . It sounds like you care more about a ball than you do about children. Paterno chose to look the other way. Even if he thought, the accusations were only roomers . He could have done more. But, I doubt you will care, or try to understand. …so pleas. just sit in your chair
    and watch whatever game you feel is important and idolize whoever you think is the best of a GAME. while the rest of the world deals with real monsters, demons and villains as they choose.

  13. michael

    michael GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 years ago

    “Although concern to treat the child abuser humanely was expressly stated, no such sentiments were ever expressed by them for Sandusky’s victims,”— the Freeh report.

    In fact, they never even tried to identify the victims or acknowledge they existed, so the cartoon is accurate.

  14. acellist

    acellist GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 years ago

    Leave the statue standing at PSU, it’s a constant reminder that they are Number One in more than only Football!

  15. Jeff Kiser

    Jeff Kiser GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 years ago

    Sad but true.

    I think the statue should stand along with a plaque on why children should be more important than football.

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