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  1. Cynthia

    Cynthia GoComics PRO Member said, about 3 years ago

    Sorry for using the same image twice, two times, It’s pretty hart to find appropriate, not-too-gloomy pictures for a pretty gloomy subject.

    Is it just me or overtime, feminism became the last PC excuse for racism? In Quebec right now, the debate on muslim headscarves is in full swing (or “obvious religious symbols” in public, but of course some religious symbols are more “obvious” than others). Guess what excuse they’re using to banish headscarves? Women’s equality!
    It’s not the kind of thing you would hear from other feminists, at a time when women’s right were much less secure, but my opinion is that if you constantly need someone to tell you how, when and where to be free, what is degrading and what is empowering, what to be outraged at, what to be angry at, then you are not free. If those women want to wear their headscarves as a sign of a religion we are not comfortable with, then so be it!

    In 2001, when the US decided to invade Afghanistan, they used women as martyrs, too. No matter how much life must suck under a burqua (then again, life seems to suck for everyone under the Taliban, and still seems to suck for everyone under the current regime), I’m sure than it sucks less than being bombed.

    One more thing, I’ll give you three elements essential to pretty much to most action movies out there: a white, or white-acting black cop hero, a lovely, but desperate damsel in distress and an evil, ruthless black gang, hispanic gang or more recently, asian gang. The recipe can be seen everywhere from “Bad Boys” to the “Fast and Furious” series! In both cases, ethnic women are seen as helpless victims craving for a white hero to free them from their horrible, “dominating” ethnic men. In real life, street gangs hurt their own kin, their own neighborhoods, much more then they hurt white people and they hurt everyone there, from all genders. And the human trafficking industry, unlike what tabloids would like you to think, does not just dabble in the low-end sex industry but also provides “slaves” as domestic workers and agricultural workers. If you are drinking an orange juice at the moment, like I am, odds are not everyone in the chain of production was there of their own free will.

    When I did the image research for this cartoon, those are the only two images that I could find that did not portray a prepubescent girl tied to a bed. We’re so voyeuristic that I can’t help but think many people are very secretly turned on by that “fantasy”

    Another classic is that “black culture demeans women”, yeah, right! But who watches 50 cent’s videos? Who waits in line for hours or days to get the latest Grand Theft Auto game or the latest gang movie? Most of them are white, suburbian, spoiled boys!

  2. Ryan (Say what now‽)

    Ryan (Say what now‽) GoComics PRO Member said, about 3 years ago


    Our culture is uncomfortable with covered faces. That issue should be addressed as a security issue.
    As I understand it, (I could be wrong) the hijab and burqa are more cultural items than religious ones. The Qur’an states that women must dress modestly in public. Covering the face is an interpretation of that statement (just as biblical statements are subject to different interpretations).
    The idea banning of overt religious items is too subjective to enforce.

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