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  1. Cynthia

    Cynthia GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    The original quote was “It’s not to have something that makes someone happy, it is to know she will have it” It’s from “La Sagouine”, a play written by my fellow acadian Antonine Maillet, one of only two non-european people to ever win the Goncourt prize.

    I twisted the line a little bit to make a negative version of it, that’s also unfortunately true! Think about it; sure, we’ll never be a crimeless society, but the crime rate has never been so low, yet it doesn’t mean the fear goes away. Whenever you read or watch any media, all you see is danger. The Great White North, even though more laid back than our neighbors to the South, is no exception. One survey about french not being the most spoken language in Montreal and stories about immigrants swarming Quebec and “invading” the precious “société distincte” make the news. If you are a woman, they will teach you to beware not only of all those unknown men lurking in every dark alley, but any husband, father, brother or even son as those are all potential rapists and sex itself becomes “the enemy”’s favorite tool of exploitation. A few riots and broken windows in downtowns and comfy, suburbian, older generations are afraid of the ideas of their own children.

    We’ve never been safer, but we’ve never been more afraid! Yes, we hear stories about media conglomerates and their shady agendas (be afraid of that, too!), but when you think about it, they are selling a product and it would not sell if people did not like to be afraid. Who does not like a little adrenaline rush, especially in our secure, boring lives?

    When you come to think about it, suburbs have never been more secure and never been more miserable. What would be less stressful? Being attacked, robbed, or even raped once or forever living in fear of bascically everyone and everything, every single day.

    What the “culture of fear” is doing to us is not only bringing the worst in all of us, it is also astonishingly cruel.

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