Shutterbug Follies by Jason Little

Shutterbug Follies

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  1. bonpierce

    bonpierce GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago


  2. naturally_easy

    naturally_easy said, 6 months ago

    What makes her think there would be any way out of a file cabinet from the inside?

  3. David Warnick

    David Warnick said, 6 months ago

    So just who is going to come save the day?

  4. MadMarty_666

    MadMarty_666 said, 6 months ago

    don’t know who she’s calling but the last massage was clear: SOS*BEE

  5. SKJAM!

    SKJAM! GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    That’s the cabbie’s phone number. She might like the peeping Tom guy better, but he’s a proven wimp.

  6. Jon Hra

    Jon Hra said, 6 months ago


    I think the mechanism pushes out or up from the inside, but frankly even if not I’d rather be in there than not!!!

  7. information

    information said, 6 months ago

    from the secret files

  8. aircraft-engineer

    aircraft-engineer said, 6 months ago

    Like i said before – when she had the bustard DOWN, she should have just beat his head IN

  9. maybeinthenextworld

    maybeinthenextworld said, 6 months ago

    Jason, you better not hurt our Bee!

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