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  1. motivemagus

    motivemagus said, almost 4 years ago

    Says someone from nothing but stunning ignorance. What hoax? Oh, the email “hoax” that got debunked by THREE professional organizations? You don’t even know what you are talking about, do you?
    If you can find a way for thousands — yes, THOUSANDS — of professional scientists to agree on ANYTHING, let alone on something that would have to be the most complex hoax in history, then you don’t live on planet Earth, so I suppose global warming doesn’t affect you anyway.
    Jesus Christ, have pity on the foolish. Because the science won’t.

  2. PlainBill

    PlainBill said, almost 4 years ago

    Spoken by the stone head.

  3. Zuhlamon

    Zuhlamon GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago

    FoxNews talking heads says there’s nothing to see here, move along, move along.

  4. Rockngolfer

    Rockngolfer said, almost 4 years ago

    That is a good summary of what happened.

  5. exoticdoc2

    exoticdoc2 said, almost 4 years ago

    Correct, not to mention trying to hide their purposeful lying to the public, which one GW guru admitted almost committing suicide over when he got caught. Their pseudo-science is a bunch of rubbish.

  6. fritzoid

    fritzoid GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago

    It’s nice to see Horsey back here, though.

  7. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago

    Would love to see Horsey back permenantly.

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