Scary Gary by Mark Buford

Scary Gary


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  1. Gary McSpook

    Gary McSpook GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago

    I’m seriously envious.
    Wish my day had some of those “higher highs."

  2. sarah413

    sarah413 GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago

    Simple pleasures are the best pleasures.

  3. Arianne

    Arianne said, 12 months ago

    I watched My Three Sons on MeTV today, and Dodie had a creepy little friend named Beatrice who was stalking Ernie. She spent the weekend at their house, tried to trap him in a closet, and finally kissed him in his sleep. I kept thinking, are any other Scary Gary fans watching this?

    See, Travis, you’re not the only one who’s had an exciting day!

  4. Dry

    Dry GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago


    May I ask where you are from? We have Me TV here also, but I thought it was just a regional station. I’m on PA.

  5. Margaret

    Margaret said, 12 months ago


    We have it in NC.

  6. WallyBeaumont

    WallyBeaumont said, 12 months ago


    We have it in California. What about COZI TV? I watch McCloud on COZI.

  7. waykirk

    waykirk said, 12 months ago

    Cozi and METV on Cox Cable in the Metro DC area.

    If you like Dragnet and Emergency tune in.

    The old Sarge cant deal with Leave it to Beaver and that ilk anymore.

    Wish that they would show “Combat, In Color” da da da dunt da dunt, tho.

    The old TV Sarge

  8. squirrelchaser

    squirrelchaser said, 12 months ago

    ME TV in KC, never heard of COZI, maybe I need to scan for new channels? Haven’t watched today’s My Three Sons yet, but recorded it. I’m about 50 episodes behind. I think it starts over on Monday, so I’ll get caught up eventually.

  9. Arianne

    Arianne said, 12 months ago


    Hi, Dry! I’m from Michigan, near Detroit. Our cable company just got MeTV in our area not too long ago. We’ve been enjoying it, especially their Saturday night line-up. (Batman, Lost In Space, Star Trek, Svengoolie showing Universal “horror” flicks.) (And we just noticed COZI the other day.)

    When they do their station identifications, they say, and put up a graphic that says, MeTV Detroit. That makes it sound like it might be a local station, which, as we’ve seen, it isn’t.

    Waykirk mentioned his locality, would that be MeTV D.C.? (Nice rhythm.)

  10. Dry

    Dry GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago

    I see I made a typo. I’m surprised the grammar police haven’t showed up yet, LOL! That should be, as I’m sure you all figured out, In PA.

    Yes there are some good old shows on Me TV, also on Real TV. Anybody get that one?

  11. Arianne

    Arianne said, 12 months ago


    Haha, yes we figured you meant in, but for a moment I did picture you in a Dr. Suess illustration – Hop On Pop! : )

    I just looked, we don’t have RealTV. We’re probably lucky to have the two we have.

  12. Dry

    Dry GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago


    LOL! Thank you! Yep, IN PA! There is another one called WE TV. I don’t know if we have that one or not. I don’t watch a lot of TV, hubby controls the “zipper” but I do get to see the shows I want, which aren’t that many. I watch “Days of Our LIves” faithfully since the day it aired, I have kept up, thank goodness the VCR and DVD’s were invented, :-), and the CSI’s, Chicago Fire, some old shows on ME and some historical South Korean dramas on Netflix.The rest of the time, I am usually here, or in summer, my garden! And of course, my paying job through the week.

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