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Sarah's Scribbles

By Sarah Andersen
Jan 30, 2016
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How I Spend Money
Just the basics
An occasional splurge, but mostly necessities.
Household Items
Whichever brands are cheapest.
Feb 6, 2016
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  1. Missing large
    pauline_gangof4  about 2 years ago

    Once again – THIS IS MY LIFE!!!!!

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  2. Missing large
    emptc12  about 2 years ago

    Yes, books … and music, too. Bathe in books, breathe in music!

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  3. Pole dancing bunny zpsa360ed0e
    Happy, happy, happy!!! GC Insider about 2 years ago

    Yes, i can relate.

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  4. Naruto gifs 2
    NWdryad GC Insider about 2 years ago

    Not a bad thing to spend money on!

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  5. 502 book lady pin
    bfrg45  about 2 years ago

    Me, too! Where the dining room should be is our library, complete with rows of bookcases — our stacks (an old term: “a set of shelves for books or other materials ranged compactly one above the other, as in a library”). And they are stacked.

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  6. Image
    melissalomax1313 GC Insider about 2 years ago

    Ha-ha! YES. We have a rather large collection of books at home. And mostly art/design, children’s literature, comic books and graphic novels… now I want to go home & read! <3

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  7. Avtar
    Ed Owens GC Insider about 2 years ago

    Nailed it.

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  8. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 GC Insider about 2 years ago


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  9. Missing large
    seraph999  almost 2 years ago

    Just recently started reading this strip and I must say, GIRL you just get me LOL :)

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  10. Missing large
    The_Purple_Pig  almost 2 years ago


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