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Rose is Rose

By Don Wimmer and Pat Brady
May 24, 2014
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Woman:  Jimbo! Jimbo Gumbo!  Jimbo! Have that wife of yours call me...I've got some exciting news!
Jimbo:  Okay.
Woman 2:  Make sure you give Rose a big hug from me, Jimbo!
Woman 3:  Please tell Rose that the book she recommended is marvelous!
Woman 4:  Will you let Rose know that I'd love to help with the food drive?
Woman 5:  Hey, Jimbo! Tell Rose I'll meet her at the gym!
Jimbo:  I was in a panic...I'm terrible with names...and I had messages from five of your friends. I cam up with a simple solution...put the essence of the message with the corresponding face! Ingenious, huh, Rose?
Rose:  There's just one problem...  I can't tell who these people are supposed to be!
Jimbo:  Are you saying I can't draw?!
May 26, 2014
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