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Rose is Rose

By Don Wimmer and Pat Brady
Oct 6, 2012
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Meemaw: It's such a beautiful time of year, Rosie!
Rose: I'm reminded of the story Peepaw used to tell me about the fall foliage recruiters! 
Meemaw: oh, the elite squadron of leaves that are the first to change color...
Meemaw: and then bravely drop from their branches...
Meemaw: showing off their vibrant hues to the millions of other leaves...
Meemaw: Inspiring each and every leaf to dramatically alter their tints for a greater...more visually stimulating purpose! 
Meemaw: Of course...there is no scientific data to back up his claims! 
Rose: Botanists have argued that Peepaw may have made up the entire tale!
Oct 8, 2012
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