Rose is Rose by Don Wimmer and Pat Brady

Rose is Rose

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  1. BillWa

    BillWa said, about 4 years ago

    Will no one rid me of this troublesome Hog. BTW, what Clem just did wasn’t hogging, it was theft, and his parents should be charged with the replacement cost.

  2. DKendra

    DKendra said, about 4 years ago


    My thoughts exactly. Why do they continue to let him get away with this? He stole a muffin last year from a girl’s lunch. He’s crossed the line between hogging and theft too many times now.

  3. AshburnStadium

    AshburnStadium said, about 4 years ago

    Clem is a prime example of what’s wrong with the U.S.A. today. He is a wannabe 1%’er who wants to hog it all to the deprivation of the majority. Unfortunately, half of America supports this type of people.

  4. jedirevan89

    jedirevan89 said, about 4 years ago

    Dont worry, if he keeps this up by the time he’s at least a teen he’ll have be in juvie (i think i spelled that right) at least more than a dozen times

  5. Tue Elung-Jensen

    Tue Elung-Jensen said, about 4 years ago

    Some people just don´t raise their kids right. Pascale may be over the top with certain things, but at least he is on the right side :)

  6. DKendra

    DKendra said, about 4 years ago


    Disagree w/ you re the 1%. Recent studies show that upward of 80% of the so-called 1% earned it honestly. Think about it: no one is twisting your arm to buy their products. Like a pawn shop; no one is putting a gun to your head and making you take the price they quote you. So, no, he isn’t a wannabe 1%er; he’s simply a thief.

  7. Perry Cox

    Perry Cox said, about 4 years ago

    Well, at least we can find comfort in knowing Clems teeth will fall out.

  8. Doctor11

    Doctor11 GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    I SWEAR, someone NEEDS to teach Clem a lesson! This is going TOO FAR!!!!!!

  9. StoicLion

    StoicLion said, about 4 years ago

    So that’s where Larry has been up to since the 3 Stooges died, I mean disbanded. He became a pediatrician.

  10. Knisabre

    Knisabre said, about 4 years ago

    Clem is not so much a hog as a normal child who thinks everything is rightly his- he’s entitled to these things because he exists. It’s a mentality that’s natural, since as a baby, all of his needs and wants were given freely. This is supposed to gradually cease as children learn the concepts of sharing and property ownership (not everything is MINE!), so this is his parents’ fault. Some kids never grow out of this mentality and become adult with this mentality. In fact, a portion (not all!) of what recently has been referred to as the “47%” in this country still believe they are entitled the property of others. I say a portion because I believe a large amount (and hopefully a sizable majority) of those who receive benefits for not working would prefer to work. It’s what identifies us. Think about the first thing you’re asked after being introduced to someone- “So, what do you do?” This will change soon, though a lot of damage has been done over the last 3.8 years.

  11. scretwitch

    scretwitch said, about 4 years ago

    Clem has always been a hog. He’s even held “how to be a hog” class for Pasquel and Mimi (they failed, of course!) If you see flash backs, I think Clem’s mom, Fanny, was kind of a hog too.
    Plus people, THIS IS A COMIC! Take it for the entertainment that it’s created for!

  12. Gokie5

    Gokie5 said, about 4 years ago

    @Perry Cox

    “Well, at least we can find comfort in knowing Clems teeth will fall out.”
    With the lack of a booster seat for a child that small, they might fall out sooner than later.

  13. Sharon  Hayes

    Sharon Hayes GoComics PRO Member said, about 4 years ago

    My God people! This is a comic strip…can’t we leave politics out of it? There’s enough of that in regular everyday life. I read these for entertainment and don’t want to see RW teabaggers here showing their ignorance because you do it more than enough on the actual political blogs.

  14. WaitingMan

    WaitingMan said, about 4 years ago


    So one out of every five members of the 1% earned their money dishonestly? Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

  15. ivor1

    ivor1 said, about 4 years ago

    47% of Clem is a hog, the rest is share challenged. He probably won’t vote anyway.

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