Sep 8, 2012
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"My morning began with a meal garnished with tasty sardines!" 
"Kitchen counter antics were met with indifference!"
"There were belly rubs..." 
Jimbo: Please...take my seat!
"And grand gestures."
Rose: It's only water, Peekaboo! 
Rose: I'll get the mop!
"There was destruction with no repercussions."
Rose: Ready, Jimbo? 
"Then came a hug that lasted way too long..."
Rose: Hurry!
Jimbo: The gate is open!
"...and suddenly it all became clear to me..."
"I was on my way to the vet!" 
Peekaboo: Let that be a lesson, my friends! If the day seems too good to be true...It is!
Cat: Let's hear more about the sardines!
Sep 10, 2012
Small u 201701251613

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Feb 14, 2015