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  1. Enoki

    Enoki said, about 3 years ago

    Go ask the 18th amendment how that whole thing works…

  2. sw10mm

    sw10mm said, about 3 years ago

    Says the little o supporter who won’t negotiate. Nice job. Are you on the govt payroll?

  3. Enoki

    Enoki said, about 3 years ago

    I am just pointing out the absurdity of those supporting Obamacare that it is “settled law” and that it was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President and that ends the argument.

    That argument is a horrible logical fallacy on so many levels. But, first and foremost it is an appeal to popularity.

  4. motivemagus

    motivemagus said, about 3 years ago

    Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Majority vote, majority won. Obama ditched his first AND second choice plans and picked a Republican plan from first to last. He compromised EVERY SINGLE TIME a Republican offered a “revision,” and what did he get for it? Not one single vote.
    Don’t even PRETEND they were trying to compromise. Obama did, they didn’t. Period.

  5. Ladyhawke

    Ladyhawke GoComics PRO Member said, about 3 years ago

    Finally…a voice of reason…well said sir!

  6. pirate227

    pirate227 said, about 3 years ago

    The definition of insanity.

  7. sdut sucks

    sdut sucks said, about 3 years ago

    You are so confused about so many things. Take a breath, sort it all out, and then try another post. The only lucid point you made here is that Obamacare was passed without one republican vote. Since the koch brothers have thrown more than $200 million at republicans in attempts to stop it, along with the fact that the repub party is wholly owned by corporate America, including the insurance companies, why would anyone be surprised that they didn’t vote for it. To most Americans, the fact that republicans had nothing to do with it makes it a much more desirable product.

  8. sdut sucks

    sdut sucks said, about 3 years ago

    If this is where you get your “facts,” it’s no wonder you’re so confused. tucker carlson is such a lightweight. Rachel Maddow was once so thoroughly kicking his ass on a TV talkshow that he walked off the set. You obviously like to be sarcastic and dismissive of those who disagree with you, but you just don’t have the intellect to pull it off.

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