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  1. Uncle Joe

    Uncle Joe GoComics PRO Member said, almost 3 years ago

    Oh, I get it! Obama’s a lame duck! At least Arial isn’t going off the deep end about Executive Orders… well, this week. Get back to me when Obama catches up to Reagan on the number of Executive Orders. (In other words: Don’t.)

  2. TJDestry

    TJDestry GoComics PRO Member said, almost 3 years ago

    This is NOT what “lame duck” means. The lame duck session is what takes place between the election and the inauguration of the new president and legislature. There is a substantial difference between questioning the validity of something done by someone voted out of office but still there and questioning the validity of someone who is not running for re-election.
    Fact is, Obama’s decision to get things done despite Congress is a fine example of how a person not needed re-election can act with more spine and courage. I hope he nails a few heads to the wall of the Oval Office before he turns it over to the next exec.

  3. Jase99

    Jase99 GoComics PRO Member said, almost 3 years ago

    “And it clearly isn’t the number of executive orders, but the arrogance of the miscreant that has so many people upset with his lack of leadership.”

    Oh, please. The pseudo-conservatives have hated and complained about Obama since day one. By “arrogance” you mean that someone you’re told not to like had the utter gall to win the election. Twice.

  4. pirate227

    pirate227 said, almost 3 years ago

    Ooo, another con wet dream.

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