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Robert Ariail

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  1. Comicsfan222

    Comicsfan222 said, about 8 hours ago

    And maybe Robert is wrong and he shoud ask Obama’s pardon.

  2. wmconelly

    wmconelly said, about 5 hours ago

    Putin’s approach looks so-o-o-o excellent, eh?

  3. then00b

    then00b said, about 5 hours ago

    Never get involved in a land war in Asia.

  4. Gypsy8

    Gypsy8 said, about 3 hours ago

    Astonishing to me the criticism of the President for the most immaterial and inconsequential of actions or behaviour – a word that might not have been perfect, expression of a thought, the degree of emotion. This is wartime with safety of the nation and safety of military men and women at stake, and so many would rather express their own political and, too frequently, racist attitudes. At a time when the nation should be united, too many would rather engage in what can only be considered treasonous behaviour. Too many opponents don’t recognize this is a time for cool headed thought and restraint. It is bellicose behaviour that has given us military adventures that has destabilized a region, killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, cost trillions, divided a nation, lost respect abroad, and not solved any problems.

  5. MIchael Matchinsky

    MIchael Matchinsky said, about 2 hours ago

    No need. After all, the American people re-elected him.

  6. NeedaChuckle

    NeedaChuckle said, about 2 hours ago

    Yes, it is such a simple problem to solve, I’m sure Mr. Ariail will be glad to outline his brilliant solution. It probably involves nuking the whole middle east or some other equally excellent plan.

  7. ARodney

    ARodney said, 29 minutes ago

    Tiny little issues with choice of words is about all that the GOP can find to complain about. Their policies (keep Guantanamo open! Persecute Muslims! Kill more innocent people! Racial, ethnic, and now RELIGIOUS profiling!) are so delusional and counter-productive that they have to stick to criticizing others, not promoting their own ideas.

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