Rip Haywire by Dan Thompson

Rip Haywire


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  1. Rod Gonzalez

    Rod Gonzalez said, 7 months ago


    That’s a new one.

  2. capndunzzl

    capndunzzl said, 7 months ago

    …lotta “KA-KA” goin’ on today.

  3. Bruno Zeigerts

    Bruno Zeigerts said, 7 months ago

    Ka-plot twist!

  4. chithing

    chithing said, 7 months ago

    You need to turn him so that his head is facing North. That should fix the “flow.”

  5. Tue Elung-Jensen

    Tue Elung-Jensen said, 7 months ago


  6. bawana

    bawana said, 7 months ago

    Feng shui: another way of saying don’t mix decorating styles. Seriously, people actually get paid to say: don’t put your studed leather couch in living room of a mid-century rambler.

  7. RussHeim

    RussHeim said, 7 months ago

    My office at work has too much feng and not enough shui. . . But a little Febreeze takes care of that.

  8. Michyle Glen

    Michyle Glen said, 7 months ago

    Not to mention… The Knife sticking out of Feng is Cobra’s.

  9. Quartermain MILLER

    Quartermain MILLER GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago


    Would you prefer Chop Suey?

  10. Dragoncat

    Dragoncat GoComics PRO Member said, 7 months ago

    And the way Cobra’s knife is protruding from his chest will not be in harmony with the justice system.

  11. Taz

    Taz said, 7 months ago

    Yep, called it yesterday… Ka-Frame-up coming!

  12. Badeyes

    Badeyes said, 7 months ago

    Ah darn, I was kind of warming up to Feng as a character. guess it wasn’t enough of a villain type to live.

  13. wecatsgocomics

    wecatsgocomics said, 7 months ago

    “The woman’s a pirate queen. The man is just an extra.”

  14. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 7 months ago

    If Cobra did it, why is she worried about it?

  15. Kali39

    Kali39 said, 7 months ago

    Definitely bad feng shui in this room. oh….

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