Aug 14, 2014
Small u 201701251614
5 cd set
planning a long car trip with the kids? you'll need-

bee in the car
the bee in the car goes buzz buzz buzz
songs of travel for children
over 300 sing-along songs, including-
are we there yet?
the pinching song
whining across the u.s.a.
on the road again (chipmunks remix)
the skipppingpingpingping cd
larry the toll booth guy
the back of daddy's head (is big & fat & red)
how much farther now?
my li'l' bladder (goes kablam!)
one more peep
a million cows live in ohio (the counting song)
the bee in the car
4'33" (the john cage song)
are we there yet? (reprise)

5 cd's only $2995
send cash only to: mr. richard thompson richard's poor almanac c/o this publisher
hurry! this offer expires right now!

kid: larry the toll booth guy ate too much pizza pie, he gained so much weight that he's blocking the gate and nobody can get by!
tollbooth guy: what?
Aug 18, 2014
Small u 201701251614

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