Oct 7, 2013
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the winners
these comic strips received the most votes from our readers. they will be featured every day in the comics section of your newspaper.

pre-classic peanuts
girl: today no one remembers, but it was originally i, violet, who yanked the football away as charlie brown ran to kick it. 

girl: yet somehow over the years lucy, the fuss-budget, the drama queen, usurpped my place, leaving me a footnote, a cipher in a billion dollar franchise.

boy: what a neurotic embittered little girl.
girl: i should have been a star!

doltish duck
duck: hey - do goats really eat tin cans?
goat: no.

duck: hey - do chickens really stare at the sky during a rainstorm with their beaks open until they drown?
chicken: no.

goat: what a dolt.
oop: hey - are rhino horns really an aphrodisiac - ow that hurt

fanky malloon the clown genius
fanky: now i take the ballons and -
skwik skwik

fanky: voila! i call it "pieta"!
kids: ooh!

kids: now do "the disasters of war"
fanky: sure!
Oct 14, 2013
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