Aug 26, 2013
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the dog days of august
what are dogs thinking these days?

asta: i think that the air of mystery & hauteur that cats cultivate is just an act to counter their embarassment at hacking up all those hairballs.

spinalzo: i think that disgraced filmmaker george lucas created jar jar binks hoping to unite humanity by giving them a racial caricature they could all detest. but i haven't seen the movies so i'm just guessing.

barcarolle: i think that dog fancy magazine should publish an annual list of the best places to roll around in smelly filth in america.

toulouse: i applaud the recent proposal by an animal rights group to redefine pet "ownership" as "guardianship." I trust this will lead to the estab-lishment of our full constitutional rights so we can go out & buy guns.

muffin and mr. squeaks.
muffin: i think we should all keep in mind that "dog days" is defined as the hottest & unhealthiest time of the year. so le's not get too smug.
squeaks: yeah.

funny dog art corner
this week's is by zuzu of falls church va.
send us your funny dog art
Sep 2, 2013
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