Aug 19, 2013
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memorial designs unveiled
the committee for a memorial to fialed presidential candi-dates today unveiled the top three designs for the memorial which will take up all that empty land on the ellipse.

third place - "the big whack-a-mole." visitors would use mallets rented from a little park service kiosk to smack down busts of failed candidates as they emerged randomly from holes in the ground. Committee chairman wally brown found this one "too gallagheresque."

second place - "the candidate who fell to earth & went boom." a strong piece, yet "too reminiscient of 'the awakening' on hains point," says chairman brown.

thomas dewey
hubert humphrey
alf landon
pat buchanan
first place - "dogpile!" the winning design depicts a swarm of over 1,200 candidates fighting to reach the top of an ionic column. "congratula-tions to mrs. adams's 7th grade art class for this fine entry." says brown. "it melds jeffersonian classicism with rodinian drama. and i really like the part where h. ross perot is chewing off lyndon laouche's leg."
Aug 26, 2013
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