Jul 5, 2013
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the birth of america: the newspaper story

inventing a nation
philadelphia, july 2 - the continental congress voted this day to declare independence for america. a document to this effect is expected to be approv-ed to-day. many observers see this as an important step in join-ing the 13 states in a sovereign entity free of the grasping & corrupt policies of the insane king george iii.
after lengthy & rancorous debate congress also chose quoits as national pastime and the passenger pigeon as the national fowl. a committee was formed to design a na-tional flag & to devise suit-able punishments for those acting toward said pennant in a disrespectful or destruc-tive manner.
this leaves only the selec-tion of a national anthem un-resolved. "just for god's sake make it something singable," said john adams (massachusetts). early pro-posals include "yankee doodle," something by irving berlin, and "george the third is a right olde turd."

the weather
hazy hot & humid
redskins scalp patriots. d-1
the washington post
it's independence
george 3rd mad as h-ii
rends garment, emits spittle & rails at "effrontery"
snake: tread on me, will you?
king: agh!
local merchants plan sales & promotions
4-color supplement details savings
celebratory fire-works accident singes wigs
declaration approval likely to-day
del. hancock to display superior penmanship, insiders say
Jul 8, 2013
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