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  1. scog commented on Zack Hill about 1 month ago

    Very funny, but most of us non-Latino geezers know that vamoose/vamos just means “go”. “Let’s go” is vamanos, hence the joke about the pretty visitor to Mexio who complains that these flirty men won’t leave her alone even when she shouts, “Vamanos” at them.

  2. scog commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 7 months ago

    “We LIE dormant”, dammit! Wait a minute;I’m correcting a talking spider’s grammar? Six years, an MA, and four teaching credentials for THIS? Fuggedabahtit!!

  3. scog commented on Jeff Danziger over 1 year ago

    PIOLEMIC DRIVEL! Only dtroutma and Baslim contribute anything. (Actually, everything by George MacDonald Fraser is entertaining, and generaly historically correct.) And don’t forget McArthur’s warning about land wars in Asia.

  4. scog commented on Free Range almost 2 years ago

    Shoot, children, I remember back when we had two kinds, Hillbilly and Cowboy.

  5. scog commented on Baldo about 2 years ago

    Always glad to see Baldo as a less stereotypically self-centered adolescent.

  6. scog commented on Baldo over 2 years ago

    What is Tia Carmen’s recipe for guizo de lengua?
    I can’t find it online.

  7. scog commented on La Cucaracha over 2 years ago

    Enjoy,though rarely agree with, you. (God save me from a world where everyone agrees with me!) “Beandocks” is sheer genius. I presume you do realize that the NRA (Life Member, baby!) is also pointing out the media’s share of our culture of violence.