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  1. chip42 commented on The Born Loser 3 days ago

    Do you mind if Brutis takes over the XXX account?

  2. chip42 commented on U.S. Acres 11 days ago

    Growing that fast it is probably kudzu. Which is a pea, not a bean.

  3. chip42 commented on The Born Loser 14 days ago

    And as the born loser his team is always loosing.

  4. chip42 commented on B.C. 15 days ago

    This just goes to show that BC is post apocalyptic. It could happen any day now…

  5. chip42 commented on U.S. Acres 20 days ago

    Wade is correct to be afraid of that little bug. It’s a Black Widow spider.

  6. chip42 commented on Nick Anderson 21 days ago

    Standard breed poodles are very good police dogs. Nick, are you suggesting an upgrade from what the Secret Service is currently using?

  7. chip42 commented on U.S. Acres 21 days ago

    You cannot drink out of a glass with a bill (the top gets in the way) so he just removes his bill. Very practical.

  8. chip42 commented on Andy Capp 22 days ago

    Alcohol is less dense than water. But it does make the things around it denser….

  9. chip42 commented on Working Daze 26 days ago

    I don’t know about that…

    I’ve know some goats that are smarter than a few people I know.

  10. chip42 commented on Over the Hedge about 1 month ago

    Or Exxon to market it.