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  1. chip42 commented on Arlo and Janis 4 days ago

    Arlo does own a boat, he bought it from Gene’s father in law.

  2. chip42 commented on Broom Hilda 11 days ago

    When I was a kid and the power went out in the summer, we got on our bikes and peddled to the local gas station. If the power was out for over and hour (and it frequently was) they sold their ice cream at a drastically reduced price.

  3. chip42 commented on B.C. 15 days ago

    Because the are long and skinny, shaped very much like a …

  4. chip42 commented on Scenes from a Multiverse 18 days ago

    Pasteurize it. That will kill all the Demons (and the bacteria).

  5. chip42 commented on Arlo and Janis 20 days ago

    … even when they do.

  6. chip42 commented on The Born Loser 21 days ago

    The four food groups are;Fats, sugar, salt, and alcohol!

    Please note that Bacon (a super food) is composed of the first three.

  7. chip42 commented on Andy Capp 21 days ago

    Samuel Clemens remarked that the English and the the Americans had everything in common, except a language.

  8. chip42 commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    I think Ed’s at least 1/2 cat, they sleep frequently and everywhere.

  9. chip42 commented on Garfield about 1 month ago

    Ah, toasted dust bunnies.

  10. chip42 commented on Get Fuzzy about 1 month ago

    Ka Zing!!!