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  1. echoraven commented on Tom Toles 10 minutes ago

    You are absolutely right, pat yourself on the back and buy yourself something nice.
    While conventional wisdom says Democrats will take it on the chin in the elections of 2016, the fault lies in both sides. For me it was plainly evident nor only during the budget battles; where Harry Reid famously said “why would we want to do that” when it came to funding treatment for kids with cancer, but when Elizabeth Warren’s student loan bill was killed.
    Republicans and Democrats, throw the bums out.

  2. echoraven commented on Gary Varvel 22 minutes ago

    How long do you think “blame Bush” will be credible? For the rest of Obama’s 2nd term? Hillary’s first term? Both of Hillary’s terms?
    The problem with “blame Bush” is that while that excuse will work fine with the Kool Aid brigade, at some point John Q. Public will see it for what it is; an excuse or at least (and probably more likely) GET TIRED OF IT. Especially when considering that the workforce participation rate has gone only down since Obama took office, which the figure is rarely reported but it is felt by those either unemployed, or underemployed.
    Democrats new campaign slogan “Blame Bush 2016”.

  3. echoraven commented on Jeff Stahler about 1 hour ago

    True enough.

  4. echoraven commented on Ted Rall about 1 hour ago

    “Which is why people vote against their own best interests”
    Which is the subject of the cartoon, where blacks are told to continue voting Democrat and things for them aren’t getting better. They were disproportionately affected by the recession and Obama’s non-recovery economic recovery and yet they still vote for the same.

  5. echoraven commented on Stuart Carlson about 3 hours ago

    I can’t imagine what that poor kid is going through. Parenting at it’s worst.

  6. echoraven commented on Prickly City 4 days ago

    Great posts people!

  7. echoraven commented on Signe Wilkinson 4 days ago


  8. echoraven commented on Rob Rogers 4 days ago

    “Pleaseā€¦ Corporate lobbyists paid good money to create all the tax loopholes that make the US tax code so complex.”
    Best argument for replacing our current tax code with a VAT. Takes power AWAY from lobbyist.

  9. echoraven commented on Gary Varvel 4 days ago

    Ted, not “tea party”, the general media has successfully demonized people who simply believe they are taxed enough. Obama’s problems are his successes, simply there are none. More people getting handouts, fewer people working and our credibility and favorability are at a all time low overseas. He is cursed by his own ineptitude.

  10. echoraven commented on Ben Sargent 4 days ago

    Who cares about “deniers”, really? Adopt the technology, make it profitable for both the user and manufacturer and let’s move forward.
    Sometimes I think people prefer the political posturing as opposed to the solution.