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  1. ducarol commented on Rudy Park 8 months ago

    I wish people who never look at knitting and don’t have the first clue how it works would stop trying to draw it.

  2. ducarol commented on Stuart Carlson about 3 years ago

    I read my Bible, too, and it turned me atheist. Well, that and conscious thought … still, I am delighted to learn that there are so many other people who read Jesus as a socialist. I worried I was the only one who saw it.

  3. ducarol commented on Tom Toles over 3 years ago

    What Doughfoot said. John Adams is my guy. And to those who say the 2nd amendment is intended to help us fight when Bad Guys take over, I say: No, that’s what elections are for. And believe me, if bad guys took over the government, they would have planes, tanks, and bombs. Your pet AK-47 would be laughable.

  4. ducarol commented on Pat Oliphant over 3 years ago

    If you get married in a church, you have to sign papers and file them with your county in order for the state to recognize your marriage. That’s because there are TWO parts to marriage, the sacrament and the contract. The State has no business messing with the sacrament, and any church can forbid same-sex marriage to its congregants. But by the same token, the churches have no business messing with the administration of the contract, which is what the State recognizes and regulates. There’s no point in the government denying same-sex couples the same right of contract as anyone else, because in America we have religious freedom, though I realize a lot of folks on the right object to anyone thinking differently from them.

  5. ducarol commented on Stone Soup over 4 years ago

    If I were the cartoonist I wouldn’t be very concerned with a pan from someone who can’t spell “reeks”.