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  1. jemartin007 commented on Arlo and Janis over 3 years ago

    For those, like me, who didn’t immediately get the “Abner & Gladys” reference:

  2. jemartin007 commented on Non Sequitur over 3 years ago

    For the few of you out there still rational and not religious fanatics, nor superstitious, nor in deep denial, some real evidence regarding global warming and its threat is in the book “The Flooded Earth” by Peter D. Ward. Amazon partners have it cheaply.

  3. jemartin007 commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    6 Charts That Show How Conservative Politics Are Destroying America


  4. jemartin007 commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    Cabbies are routinely cheated in Boston MA


  5. jemartin007 commented on Arlo and Janis over 3 years ago

    Following up olddog1:


    Full moon names

    The full moon, as observed from Earth on a clear night.It is traditional to assign special names to each full moon of the year, though the rules that determine the name for a given month’s full moon has changed over time (e.g., the blue moon). An ancient method of assigning names is based upon seasons and quarters of the year. For instance, the Egg Moon (the full moon before Easter) would be the first moon after March 21, and the Lenten Moon would be the last moon on or before March 21. Modern practice, however, is to assign the traditional names based on the Gregorian calendar month when the full moon falls. This method frequently results in the same name as the older method would, and is far more convenient to use.

    The following table gives the traditional English names for each month’s full moon, the names given by Algonquian peoples in the northern and eastern United States, other common names, and Hindu.10

    More …

  6. jemartin007 commented on Arlo and Janis over 3 years ago


  7. jemartin007 commented on Arlo and Janis almost 4 years ago

    Fires in the toasters are caused by the same neglience to clean as the fires in the exhaust hose of the clothes driers, due to lint buildup.