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  1. ireoftsubaki commented on Betty 28 days ago

    How sad, at first I thought he was shocked that he liked a piece of theater performance!

  2. ireoftsubaki commented on La Cucaracha about 1 month ago

    Another description I have read indicates that many of those who no longer identify as “religious” were not actually religious before, but merely going with the stronger political flow.

    Since the current flow is no longer as strongly religious it is easier to abstain rather than advocate for a position that is politically problematic.

  3. ireoftsubaki commented on Rose is Rose 4 months ago

    Reading books? On the couch, on the grass, in the hammock (I think), and Bedtime. Mostly seen on the couch, with Peekaboo proving her ability to interfere.

    Pasquale’s love for school and learning seems indicative of plentiful reading!

  4. ireoftsubaki commented on For Better or For Worse 4 months ago

    Whether or not Ted MIGHT have cheated is moot at this point. The character Elly is not righting a wrong (and it would not have been her place to do so even if it had happened). She is putting a public, personal, and negative perception on a relationship that is being made formal. If she had issues with Irene then she should have said so loooong before.

    Ted is currently guilty of little more than marrying on the rebound. In situations like this you should support the injured if they appear, but let them try to get their lives on the right track.

    Glad I don’t have to make that decision (to interfere or not) in real life!

  5. ireoftsubaki commented on The Humble Stumble 7 months ago

    It is lucky for a woman to find a man who shares HER interests in camping and Money Python. And with his guitar skills he can provide fireside entertainment!

  6. ireoftsubaki commented on Francis 9 months ago

    I found this one on there (NCR) too, but further back (Sept. 30). They might be just submitting them to each website at different times.

  7. ireoftsubaki commented on The Bent Pinky over 1 year ago

    Obviously not Don Bruce (the fairy godfather) from Hit or Myth.

  8. ireoftsubaki commented on Dog Eat Doug over 1 year ago

    Dee Theo – if you click on the comic it magnifies.

  9. ireoftsubaki commented on Barney & Clyde over 1 year ago

    Actually, using ‘they’ or ‘their’ when referring to an individual of unknown gender is generally accepted. I think the term for it was “epicene.”

    It is also accepted where it is unknown whether or not the person(s) referred to is singular or plural. You can even find it used in Shakespeare.

  10. ireoftsubaki commented on Tim Eagan over 1 year ago

    Maybe the guy wearing the stripes (and impersonating my Country that was based on Freedom) should be pictured with handcuffs and a hangman’s rope coming out of his pocket. Maybe the methods undertaken to try to stop a financial boondoggle were extreme, but the poor and middle class alike will be harmed by the overspending spree we have been on for the last long while. The more we spend, the less we have to develop and grow. We are digging a bigger and bigger hole in which to bury ourselves, and bright dreams will not fix it.