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  1. Molly McGee commented on Andy Capp about 15 hours ago

    Hi Number Six, have enjoyed your comments for years! I’ve never understood why some have nothing but troll like comments. Guess it’s their only way to strike back for some reason. Pathetic, really. Are you still in Scotland?

  2. Molly McGee commented on Breaking Cat News about 18 hours ago

    I’m here everyday, but don’t comment. So many wonderful comments are made, I’m sure you know how well received your beautiful work is.
    I think it’s great that we will have shorter strips every day! I’ve often thought how much time and effort goes into the longer ones. I’m looking forward to everyday. Your work is amazing. Thank you!

  3. Molly McGee commented on Andy Capp about 19 hours ago

    I rarely comment, but I must say, over the years, I have enjoyed the banter between these “friends”, I do not enjoy your negative comments, which seem to be all you know how to make.

  4. Molly McGee commented on AJ and Magnus about 19 hours ago

    Thank you

  5. Molly McGee commented on Edge of Adventure about 19 hours ago

    Hi Brice, picture guy’s name?
    (I spelled it wrong)

  6. Molly McGee commented on Today's Dogg about 19 hours ago


  7. Molly McGee commented on AJ and Magnus 2 days ago

    Is Loca a schoolmate, neighbor or what?

  8. Molly McGee commented on Cathy 4 days ago

    Glad to “see” you!
    I missed your cheery greeting.
    Beginning to worry about lightenup.
    Hope they are home safely, and like you said,
    Just settling in.

  9. Molly McGee commented on Little Dog Lost 6 days ago

    I’ve already commented today, but after reading all the wonderful comments made since, I have to say; I’ve been reading this strip for over 4 years, and I do not recall EVER reading one that was even slightly negative. There are so many people out there that go out of their way to say something unkind about a strip. There is just no way even the worst troll could find anything bad to say!! What an accomplishment, Steve.
    I’ll be here till the last strip, and then start over from the beginning!
    Thank you

  10. Molly McGee commented on Little Dog Lost 6 days ago

    Wonderful, just wonderful!
    Pure joy!
    Thanks Steve!