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  1. tuna1 commented on JumpStart about 1 month ago

    Teach it to play jazz and call it Thelonious Funk

  2. tuna1 commented on Crumb about 1 month ago

    This dog must be part cat….

  3. tuna1 commented on The Flying McCoys 2 months ago

    What’s the difference between a lawyer and a Carp? One’s a bottom feeder the other is a fish.

  4. tuna1 commented on Chuckle Bros 3 months ago

    Wish he had talked to them When I Was Young

  5. tuna1 commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 months ago

    Who here can honestly say they never wanted to mount a gun on there car? Personally I’ve always dreamed of mounting a .50 caliber to mine

  6. tuna1 commented on Moderately Confused 4 months ago

    Wonder if hubby likes hospital food, ‘cause that’s all he’ll be eating for the next couple of weeks.

  7. tuna1 commented on Off the Mark 4 months ago

    Apparetntly no one told them to stay out of the tunnel during rush hour.

  8. tuna1 commented on Drabble 4 months ago

    Again I must ask: How the heck did he get into college?

  9. tuna1 commented on Arlo and Janis 4 months ago

    Arlo’s gonna have to remove his foot from his mouth before he can eat that sandwich.

  10. tuna1 commented on Moderately Confused 4 months ago

    If you show to Dr. John’s office an hour late for your appointment, will you be in the right place at the wrong time?