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  1. Rickapolis commented on That is Priceless over 2 years ago

    The first published installment of ‘Fanny Hill’.

  2. Rickapolis commented on Signe Wilkinson over 2 years ago

    Every single time there is a discussion about raising the minimum wage there are whines and cries about how it will lead to lay offs, etc. I heard it when I was making $1.25 an hour and the m.w. was raised to $1.60, and I’m hearing it now. Same crap every time. When people that have jobs still need assistance there are major problems. Raise the wage today. Right now!

  3. Rickapolis commented on Mike Luckovich over 2 years ago

    It’s all Obama’s fault. I heard that on Fox ‘news’.

  4. Rickapolis commented on Dilbert Classics over 2 years ago

    Past due.

  5. Rickapolis commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 2 years ago

    Panel Five: THWACK!

  6. Rickapolis commented on That is Priceless almost 3 years ago

    LOL, just what I thought.

  7. Rickapolis commented on Signe Wilkinson almost 3 years ago

    Call your friends and relatives in Atlanta and say goodbye. Apparently a storm is coming through that will destroy the city forever.

  8. Rickapolis commented on Jeff Danziger almost 3 years ago

    What is so pathetic is how so many players act as if the locker room is some sacred place where only ‘men’ hang out. Nonsense. It is a work place like any other except that the average salary is higher. If you can’t stand diversity, get the hell out. Stop treating professional athletes like they are something special.

  9. Rickapolis commented on Matt Wuerker almost 3 years ago

    This passes for ‘in-depth reporting’ on Fox ‘news’.

  10. Rickapolis commented on Clay Bennett almost 3 years ago

    The GOP-Fox ‘news’ motto: “Anyone that is different needs to be eliminated.”